Momenta International

Momenta AB is the parent company to Momenta International AB. And the main line of business is to implement the ideas of Momenta AB around the world. Momenta International is also the supplier of products to Momenta AB and we assure the highest quality of reflective Products.

Bert Boork
Bert BoorkOwner and founder of Momenta International
Sajjad Khan
Sajjad KhanHead of Momenta International
With many years experience in international business, Sajjad wields his global contact network to great effect when running Momenta International. Time spent at universities in both Islamabad and Sundsvall has given him a stable platform of knowledge to further expand the Momenta concept across the globe.

Contact Information:
Sajjad Khan
Sweden office
+46 70337 8100
Bölevägen 9. 860 30
Sörberge Sweden

Vincent Were
Vincent WereHead of the Kenya Office
Vincents extensive network stretching all over Kenya is important in the work that has been done to further the concept of Momenta Traffic Safety in Kenya. In the work to further the Business to Business contacts between Sweden and Kenya he has been of significant importance.

Contact information:
Vincent Were
Kenya Office
+46 70109 5400
+25 4720 700662
Momenta International (k) ltd.
P.O.Box 51593-00200

Bengt Söderman
Bengt SödermanController
With many years of experience in IT and statistics Bengt is the perfect candidate to get the flow of information under control.
Jan Karlman
Jan KarlmanIT
As the IT person responsible for the Websites, Jan has exceeded all expectations in creating a dynamic and user friendly experience.
Asem Akkuly
Asem AkkulyCoordinator
International Coordinator with a degree in Business Administration, she speaks 6 languages: Russian, Czech, German, Ukrainian, English and Swedish. Asem has a broad background including everything from translation of court documents to organizing events and a brief stint in the Innovation business. This makes her a perfect Coordinator on the International scene.
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